Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RVP Record 2011


Akhirnya berlabuhlah tirai 2011

menyaksikan Robin Van Persie berjaya memecahkan record Legendary Thiery Henry

“Thierry, is in my opinion, Arsenal’s best ever player,”

“He set that record, is an unbelievable player but on this one, I have just beat him! I fell one short of Shearer’s record but maybe next year."

“I am a sportsman, you want to achieve the highest. My main thing is to win games but I want to achieve the highest possible."

“This was one thing I could achieve a little more than Thierry in one year but just short of Shearer. You can look at it in many ways."

“It has been a great year, thanks to my team-mates, mainly. I could not have done it without them. They have been unbelievable. Theo has given me so many assists. All the players have been absolutely fantastic.”

Van Persie juga menceritakan isu kecergasannya pada tahun 2011:

“That is the main thing,”

“I could play relaxed and enjoy myself. I could go from strength to strength. I could feel that every single game I was getting fitter and better, which is an unbelievable feeling."

“I have had some knocks in the past but 2011 was clear with no injuries and I could enjoy myself. I was playing, having fun – as everyone could see."

“Not long ago I wasn’t even convinced I could play as a main striker. So I was not [expecting so many goals] at all but stuff like this happens when you are feeling relaxed and enjoying the game.”


Wahh gitu

Like like you Persie


This year

King Henry is return to Arsenal

for 2 month

?? Not officially yet ??


Adakah Henry akan join Arsenal??

"For him to come back is something so brave. He has nothing to prove. He has a statue here – only a couple of players have that. He broke every single record at Arsenal – he won everything here."

"Some people might question ‘why do you do it, because you have proved everything already?’ but there is only one answer. That is because he loves the game so much that he just wants to play. I asked him a couple of weeks ago [to come back]."

"He is unbelievable, even in training. He had a couple of sessions and – I don’t want to put too much pressure on him – but he is looking right up there. He is looking very good. He knows when to drop, he knows when to make a one-two. He knows all these things. I am looking forward to it so much."

"It will be good for everyone. It is a massive joy to play and train with him. I am excited too. It’s like, ‘oh yes, Thierry is back, let’s have fun’,"

"The younger guys are all looking up to him. Everyone is sharing that feeling. Before the [QPR] game I saw him speaking to Francis Coquelin with the ball, showing him how to run. He is doing a great job already."


source: arsenal.com, youtube

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missnadira Author
January 3, 2012 at 2:17 PM

Yap dia mencemar duli selama 2 bulan.
walaupun I don't like the idea that our legend had to come back and play, the idea of actually seeing him play again is irresistible.

So I'm okay la jugak.

And he'll be wearing the number 12.(^_^)

Alkisah Author
January 4, 2012 at 10:06 AM

haha mencemar duli king henry

hopefully v.persie sampai end of season..

sekarang wingback plak byk injured


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