Sunday, May 1, 2011

Canon EOS 400D & EFS 17-85mm Err99


Semalam Kenduri Salina dan Firdauz

Tahniah buat anda berdua

Alkisah macam biasa

Hanya unofficial photographer

Sebab Salina ni sedara belah bini Alkisah

Nak tolong kat dapur masa kenduri kahwin

Alkisah tak berapa nak pandai

Jadi Alkisah cari hal buat buat bz tangkap gambar kahwin.

Nak jadikan cerita

Punya layan Alkisah shoot

Tiba tiba

Masa tahap genting

Iaitu Masa akad nikah,

Boleh plak camera buat hal

dengan kuar err99

“Shooting is not possible. Turn the power switch to and again or re-install the battery”

What The Hacks?

Potong stim betul

Jadi Alkisah try surfing surfing

dan jumpa Problemo & Solution

untuk kes ini


The problem:

I found through a process of elimination that the problem (Err 99) would only occur on the wide angle (17-35mm) when using an aperture smaller than f/4. So I guessed that either the lens was the problem, or perhaps the communication between the lens and body. I cleaned the contact points with an eraser… but no go… same problem.
The solution:
Took both the out-of-warranty body and lens into the Canon Service Centre in Singapore. They found the problem to be with the len’s power diaphragm assembly, and replaced it as a cost of S$111.28 (Part S$24, Labor S$80 & GST S$7.28). They also did a great job cleaning the internal lens elements and external housing, so it looks as good as new now.
Unrelated they found my focus screen on the body to be really scratched too, and replaced it for S$26.75 (Part S$5, Labor S$20 & GST S$1.75).


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Fikri Rais Author
May 26, 2011 at 5:26 PM

bleh angkat 7D @ 5dMK2 kot.. hehe

Alkisah Author
May 26, 2011 at 5:38 PM

keke tak boleh lagi, body still ok, cuma kit lens aku yang problem, bapa aku ada spare lens.. boleh pinjam bapa aku punya.. huhu


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