Monday, January 9, 2012

Arsenal: Return of The King


"I'm pleased [to sign Henry] because it took a little while to get the paperwork done, but finally it is done,"

"He works hard, but he is a bit behind physically. In one or two weeks he will be fine. He will be involved against Leeds. At the moment 90 minutes is a bit long for him because he has not played for a long time."

"The deal is, at the start, six and a half weeks. If he is needed a bit longer, if it is really needed, until the end of February. He can still be there for the Milan game [on February 15th],"

"[I expect him to make] the impact every good player can have. He can score goals, he has shown that - 226 in 370 games - and he is a good player. What you want is for him to help us win the games."

"The players are happy that he is here. It is more to do with the interaction physically in everyday training. Of course, how much he wants it as well,"

"I was convinced quickly [that he was still capable of playing in the Premier League] but I wasn't sure that he would like the challenge. He knows that somewhere, people will look at how he is doing now."

"Let him play first and what he will do one day I don't know. Play as long as you can in life. Life is still long enough after to coach - look at the state I am in, I took up coaching very young!"

"I wanted him to stay and he said, 'look, you have a young team, they will be good in three or four years and I cannot wait. I have to go to a place where I have a chance to win"

"He went to Barcelona, which was completely logical. At the time he was 30. We had the same scenario last year but the only difference was that the player [Cesc Fabregas] was 24."


Oh yeah

Return of The King

Nasib baik esok offday

Alkisah kena tonton game ni



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