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Aaron Ramsey (bukan Aaron Aziz tau). Beliau sudah kembali ke sesi latihan bersama skuad utama di utara kota London. Setelah kecerderaannya pada bulan Febuari lepas, kini beliau sudah pun boleh menendang bola, berlari, melompat, duduk, berjalan dan bergurau senda bersama rakan rakan dan akhir sekali senyum.

"He is back running and he is back kicking the ball,"

"You would be amazed if you saw him in training, he has suddenly in the last month made a huge step forward. If I consider now when I look at him, you see his smile again.

"He has changed since six months ago because he has the feeling that the worst is behind him and everyday he is getting closer to what he wants to be, and that means being a football player."

"He comes from so far that certainly he had deeper doubts in his mind," he said. "Now he knows that again he will be a football player he wants to hurry up and make it happen as quickly as possible.

"But just for him to have the ball again and to be outside training is a fantastic sensation."

Wenger told

More Pictures, Kindly click : Ramsey In Training

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