Monday, June 13, 2011

Chess Star Wars


Alkisah tengah mencari


Last Alkisah jumpa satu chess set kat Melaka

Besau dan Cantik

Diperbuat daripada kayu

tapi masa tu tak terfikir lagi nak beli.

Akceli Alkisah tak pandai sangat main chess

Tetiba aritu try challange main Chess dengan My Wife

My Wife ahli kelab Chess zaman dia sekolah dulu

Dia pernah join and menang dalam tournament

So One Day

Alkisah try main Chess dengan dia versi komputer

Main punya main

Last last

Alkisah menang

Cehh ada unsur Riak disitu

So Alkisah ingat nak beli satu set Chess

untuk letak kat rumah

At least

Time bosan boleh main Chess

Disamping menguatkan IQ Alkisah & Family


So Alkisah surfing sufing

then terjumpa satu Star Wars Chess yang sangat Cool

Chess Set Star Wars ni di pra tonton pada orang ramai

di "Event Comic Con 2008"

Ermm tapi malangnya dari 2008 sampai sekarang

Chess set ini tiada di pasaran.

Kalau ada, habaq mai kat Alkisah kay.

At Comic-Con, there are a whole batch of new Star Wars action figures, including a gorgeous chess set (with Storm Trooper and Rebel fighter pawns) and a Princess Leia figure with optional Jabba arms that can be slimed around her. Plus, there are awesome figures from the upcoming Clone Wars movie and TV series, as well as some weird new looks for Darth and sexy fighting Siths. Check out our gallery from Comic-Con below.
A lot of these aren't for sale yet — they're still in the concept art stage. But you can expect to see them within a few months or less. Wrapped in shiny packages. Sure that Leia is great, but really the chess set is what does it for me. Maybe it's the Tie Fighters as Rooks? As one of the admirers standing next to the chess set exclaimed, "It's the epitome of geekiness!" And that's saying a lot at a Con devoted to the fantasy lives of nerds.


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missnadira Author
June 14, 2011 at 6:15 PM

Nicee..saya teringin nak tengok cerita star wars asal..belum pernah tengok.T__T..

Alkisah Author
June 14, 2011 at 6:28 PM

missnadira : LOR, you should watch it, dari episod I-VI, terbaik wokk..


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