Thursday, September 27, 2012



Good Goals and Confidence for Arsenal 2nd Team.

Giroud dah mula score

Walcott sudah tunjuk taring

Arshavin masih berbisa


Walaupun mesti ada orang berbunyi?

Boleh la lawan team cikai..


Bagi Alkisah itu tak penting.

Apa yang perlu,

teruskan kemaraan tanpa menoleh kebelakang lagi

At least as Arsenal Fans,

2nd team mampu mengisi ruang kekosongan

Jikalau ada player dari 1st team injured.

Man of the Match semalam

Alkisah pilih Nico dan Arshavin


Apa kata Wenger?

on Giroud's first goal… It was in everybody's mind that the sooner he gets it the better. Certainly in his mind much more than in others' minds. That is positive of course. It was a good finisher and he is a good finisher, Olivier. At the moment I believe he is looking for confidence again and that goal will help him. I expect him to take that confidence into the Premier League.

Apa kata Alkisah?

Harap harap begitulah. Jadikan 1st gol ni sebagai appetizer.

Apa kata Wenger?

on Walcott playing up front… I am not against it, not at all. We will try. At the moment we have a big competition up front, we have a different formula and the team is doing well. His time will come for that and at the moment we have to be a bit patient. He is a great finisher now, Walcott, in front of goal he is absolutely amazing.

on Arshavin's central role… Arshavin's best position looks to be behind the striker now because that's where his vision, the creative side of his game, can be very efficient. When he has to work on the flank it is sometimes working against him because he has to work too hard up and down. But when he's central he always had an influence on the game.

Apa kata Alkisah?

Alkisah dah pernah tulis pada entri sebelum ni. Ternyata Walcott harus diletakkan pada posisi Striker dan Arshavin dibelakang striker utama sebab itulah posisi asal mereka sebelum menyertai Arsenal.


Next Game


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September 28, 2012 at 4:36 PM

Next Game...boleh ker???

Al Kisah Author
September 29, 2012 at 11:49 AM

insyallah.. kekeke :^D^:


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