Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cerita Arsenal 2011/2012 #4


On Soccernet :

"I have no idea whether Cesc will go on tour with Arsenal to Asia at the weekend. He is injured at the moment."

"The Gunners are desperate to keep hold of Nasri, who is booked to fly with the team to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, contrary to recent reports."

"Subject to work permits being granted, Ivory Coast forward Gervinho is expected to make the trip for Arsenal's two-match tour to Malaysia and China."


"Nasri is expected to travel with the squad this weekend as Arsenal fly out to Malaysia at the start of their tour of Asia however Fabregas has a muscular injury and is likely to be left behind."


Ryo Miyaichi will be in the Arsenal squad that travels to Asia

Ryo !! Ryo !! Ryo !!

“He is on the plane because he is quality,” the Frenchman told “We want to give him a chance to show his quality and I think everybody will be curious to see him play in Asia.

“I rate him personally [and] it’s a good opportunity for him to show that he has the talent to play for Arsenal Football Club. He has an opportunity to show that [he is good enough for the first team].

“He has done extremely well at Feyenoord and we have so many good reports. It will be interesting to see him play.”


Wenger confirmed that striker Gervinho is close to completing his move to the Gunners from Lille. And the 61-year-old is doing all he can to add “one or two” more players to the Arsenal ranks.

“We are working very hard on it,” he told “For me, the best thing is not to talk too much about it. The more you speak about things, the less chance you have to achieve them. The only thing that I can promise you is that we will work very hard and we have had some long nights to achieve what we want to achieve.

“I can understand [the impatience among the fans]. Believe me, I know all the clubs in the world and everybody needs the same players for the same positions. If there were an obvious choice, people would have already made their decisions. We are at the top level and therefore need exceptional quality to strengthen our side. I can understand that people say ‘you have money, just go out and buy’. But it’s not only that, we want to find the quality we need.

“I have said many times that we were very close to winning things last season, despite the disappointment we had at the end. I hope that provokes a response from my players. We were so close this time we want to come back and achieve it.

“My responsibility is first of all not to lose players and then to add and make us stronger.

“Let’s hope we can bring in one or two more additions of top quality.”

Arsène Wenger has vowed to fight as hard as he can to keep Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri at Arsenal.

Both midfielders have been linked with moves away from Emirates Stadium during the summer but, speaking exclusively to Arsenal Player on Friday afternoon, the manager re-affirmed his desire to retain their services.

“Our position is always the same, we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as I can to keep him,” said Wenger.

“Samir Nasri is exactly the same. We will do everything we can to keep him.”


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missnadira Author
July 9, 2011 at 1:45 AM

Alkisah tau tak training yang 12July tu pukul brape?

Alkisah Author
July 9, 2011 at 6:09 AM

missnadira : 7pm @ Bukit Jalil. so far, for now.

missnadira Author
July 9, 2011 at 2:16 PM

really..saya ada midterm test 8pm..*cries*

Alkisah Author
July 9, 2011 at 7:55 PM

missnadira : yeka.. no comment.. :D


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