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Sebut saja Kickers, musti ramai yang akan mengenang kembali nostalgia terindah terutamanya mereka yang lahir pada zaman 80-an. Anime sukan bola sepak ini ditayangkan pada setiap ahad jam 5.30 petang. Ini kira appetizer bagi kanak kanak pada zaman itu, sebelum mereka turun padang pukul 6 petang.

Kononnya lepas tengok anime ni, lepas tu turun padang pukul enam, dah boleh sepak bola spin piring terbang macam Kekeru.

Memang tak la!! keke


"The story is about an enthusiastic kid soccer team at the Kitahara elementary school, who struggle without a competent striker, when little Kakeru Daichi's family moves in to the town. He immediately applies to join the team, keen to use his skills gained in the kid team of famous soccer club "The Falcons". With Kakeru the team becomes complete in every sense and he motivates the team to challenge the "Red Devils", a strong secondary school team whose goalkeeper Uesugi is considered undefeatable. They lose 10 to 1, but Kakeru's scoring a single goal is still a small miracle.

Under the strong leadership of their own goalkeeper Masaru Hongo, Kickers then enter the kid championship and fight their way up through hard won victories. Meanwhile, Hongo falls in love with Ayumi Daichi, Kakeru's cute, sporty sister. In turn the striker enamours Akuna Yukie, a fragile, angelic pianist girl, who happens to be Uesugi's much younger sister. These affairs lead to some embarrassingly funny situations as well as numerous complications with the team's devoted and jealous cheerleader trio.

For a short while, Kickers gain a professional trainer whose instructions help them win their way to the semi-finals, just to meet the Red Devils once again. After a dramatic match, that spans two 20 minute episodes, Uesugi fends off Kakeru's final freescore and so the Kickers are out!

The devastated team is soon divided by the arrival of Harry, a famous junior talent, who has been fired from three big name teams already for subversive behaviour. He infiltrates and splits Kickers, but his rudeness and Hongo's strong leadership re-unite the team. Harry then seduces Ayumi and assembles a faux team out of the school's scum so he can defeat the Kickers almost alone. Although the naive Kakeru is no match for the older and much stronger Harry, the Kickers's teamwork spirit and Uesugi's support secures a victory in this dirty match and Harry is devastated. The anime series ends with a redeemed Harry reconciling with the Kickers, before leaving the town to play overseas."

source : wi-ki-pediaa

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nawal addina Author
July 1, 2011 at 12:04 PM

err , first time dngar :)

Alkisah Author
July 1, 2011 at 1:00 PM

nawal : of course, kamu kan lahir tahun 90-an.

Raden Author
July 1, 2011 at 2:50 PM

sy 80 an juga tp xpenah dgr..dragon ball penah la :)

Alkisah Author
July 1, 2011 at 3:14 PM

Raden a.k.a Najwa : Maybe anime ini, budak lagi yang suka tonton..


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