Monday, April 25, 2011

Wenger Oh Wenger


'We have not been stable enough defensively'

on where the result leaves the title race…
The chances are very minimal now, that is for sure. But we have to continue to fight. It is true that we have dropped too many points today.

on a disappointing week…
It is very frustrating because we should have nine points from this week and we have two. That’s a little bit the story of our season.

on the mental strength of his team…
The facts are the facts. I feel the players [have] had an outstanding attitude [during] the whole season and they are not to blame. If there is someone to blame, it is me. I pick the team and I choose the players. For me, the players [have] had an outstanding attitude all season.

on an unsatisfying season…
Yes, it is very unsatisfactory because that is one of the easiest run-ins we have had for a long time. We didn’t take our chances many times during the season and that is frustrating because you feel that the potential is there. But we live in a job where you have to take your chances and be realistic. We still lack something that is called maturity, experience or calmness in important situations.

on whether he is tempted to move away from some of his beliefs and principles…
If you can convince me that the principles are wrong, then I am ready. But I feel we try to play football the proper way. When you don’t win, your principles are questioned. You always have to take the right distance to see what is right and wrong in what you do. I think if something is wrong in our team, it is not the principle of playing our football.

I am convinced we are a very good footballing side. We have not been stable enough defensively. The numbers are the numbers, we have conceded six goals this week at a moment where you cannot afford to conceded six goals in three games and win the championship. We were too frail defensively during the season.

on conceding goals from set-pieces…
In games like this it is important not to be 1-0 down, we came back to 1-1 and had chances to make it 2-1 and 3-1. We had given so much, physically, that in the end we did not have the concentration to stop the corner.



Apa kata Alkisah?

Ok, Wenger dah sedar


Kena ubah taktikal

Pelbagaikan corak permainan

Motivate player kaw kaw

Beli/Simpan kualiti player

Bulan 7 bawa datang Malaysia

Sebab aku nak jumpa

Nasri, Fabregas, V.Persie, Walcott, Wilshere


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