Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wenger Oh Wenger


Semenjak 2 menjak nie Wenger nampak macam happy?? Why??

Rabu lepas menyaksikan bahawa Arsenal berjaya menumpaskan musuhnya yang berasal dari kelab Sepanyol iaitu Barcelona dengan jaringan 2-1. Taktikal berani mati Wenger menguatkan jentera serangan pada minit terakhir membuahkan hasil.

"There are few nights in football where everywhere clicks well from the first to the last minute

With the fans, the vibes, the quality of the game and the quality of the behaviour.

The commitment, talent and quality on both sides was exceptional. Emotionally for us it finished on a high so of course it is a great night to be involved in.

When you are down 1-0 against such a quality team you need something special to win the game and that's what I liked in my team. They always had the right mental resilience and stamina not to give in because you can quickly collapse against a team of that quality."

Wenger juga bersetuju dengan kapitan Arsenal mengenai Jack Wilshere iaitu "Spanish technique, English heart."

“He has Spanish technique certainly, But he has an English heart because he is an English boy. He just loves to win like all the other players in my team and he showed that on Wednesday night.

What I like is that he takes everything with a cool head. When you are at his age, you want to play and to play again and show how good you are. He is not phased by the occasion and he is not inhibited. That is what is fantastic with him.”

Selain itu, Wenger juga ada memberitahu bahawa dia bukan seorang yang kaki peniru.

We have tried to get closer to them but we never copied anybody, we always tried to play our football

Because Barcelona [have] won with their style, it's the unique comparison we get. But really that doesn't bother me too much, what bothers me is that my team continues to become stronger in every single game.

I respect a lot Barcelona and I still think they are the best team in the world."

Sesungguhnya, Wenger memang menyimpan hasrat yang tinggi untuk mendapatkan piala untuk musim ini. Seboleh bolehnya 4 Piala. Ada bran !!

“We want to go for every single competition, I have said that many times

How far will we go? I personally believe we can go in every competition to the end. But we can as well stop very quickly.

It’s just down to how much we believe and how much commitment we show. What I am convinced of [is] we have the hunger, we have some talent and we are committed to going as far as we can.

I can't tell you that we do not want to do it. We are in all the competitions so we will do our best. My job is to get the team as far as it can.

You do not choose at the moment to drop any competition, it would be silly. How far we will be capable to go, I don't know. My job is to take the team as far as we can.”


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